Business Development

We build a Global Learning Organization that Realizes Personal Entrepreneurial Identifications

Our purpose is to enable our partners to be as successful as possible. To achieve that, we use our skills and know-how in business acceleration to develop your business here in Europe.

We value the Cultural Diversity of our Colleagues & Partner as an Unique Asset and we Act as one International Team with one common Vision

  Basic market research
  Business planning
  Company set-up
  Corporate identity design

Financial services

Enjoy the comfort of having all of the essentials – logistics, legal department, sales and marketing team - under one roof.

Managing Economics
How to properly price your products and services? Which job is worth taking? Let us teach you a better way of managing your time and money.

Business Administration and Legal Assistance
What information should be part of a good supplier contract? How to protect sensitive documents against hackers? Our lawyers and IT experts will help you out!

Accounting and Taxes
Would you like to have overview of current state of income and expenses always at hand? We’ll provide you with a quick access to all key business reports and also advise you on taxes.

IT services

We’re ready to develop your customized online portal and integrate it fully with your existing digital tools.

  IT infrastructure and B2B online integration
  Website and webhosting
  Videoconferencing solutions
  On-demand IT services
  Assistance Services

Let us help you with your electronic devices and teach you how to easily and safely share documents within your company.

Warehouse & logistics

Store your product at a safe place and distribute it to the whole world.

  Storage, transportation and logistics management


Let’s set up your distribution channels and move your product across the continent. Our skilled sales team will have your company up and running in no time.

  Supply chain management
  Sales operations carried out by our sales team
  On demand marketing services
  Representation at international trade fairs

Real estate
In cooperation with IPEC Group (a leading provider of design and project management of industrial construction in Slovakia and CEE since 1993) we are able to provide you with wide scale of real estate solutions.

Visa services
D1 Solution can also help you with obtaining the Residence permit for commercial purposes in Slovakia with the assumption of real business activity on the European market - with D1 Solution.