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Alcohol Killer

Private company engaged in development, production and sales of functional beverages for healthy lifestyle, which help to eliminate toxins and live healthier and happier life.βG KILLER® drinks are made from healing water of Alpine countryside with proved effect of metabolism acceleration, liver protection and detoxication.

Chateu Modra

The wines of Chateau Modra are the result of more than 400 years of vine growing and wine production of the Šebovec family from Modra. Tradition is our commitment to produce wines that will not disappoint, as evidenced by the winners of the WINNERS OF THE YEAR 2011 according to the Vinotéka magazine, or the recent Champion du Monde 2016 for our rosé.

Ciao Spritz

Soft fresh CiaoSpitz drink for moments of friends and romance. Orange color with sunlight reflections combined with elegant taste of bittersweet tones and tropical fruity aroma will contribute to well-deserved relaxation and pleasant atmosphere not only on sunny days.


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